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What can acupuncture do for kidney disease patients?

  What can acupuncture do for kidney disease patients?

  Even though acupuncture can’t cure kidney disease alone, it does can assist other medical therapies to improve kidney disease patients’ kidney function and boost their overall health condition. Receiving acupuncture regularly, renal patients can get the following benefits:

  - Improve blood circulation: Acupuncture can dredge meridian and help remove toxins from the body, in order to cleanse blood and regulate blood circulation. For people with kidney disease, normal blood circulation can transport enough blood and oxygen to damaged kidney cells. Finally, it can prevent further kidney damage.

  - Boost immune system: According to TCM, yin and yang are two essential factors to maintain the body balance. If this balance is disturbed, people’s inner body system will become abnormal. Through regulating yin and yang, acupuncture is able to help boost renal patients’ immune system.

  - Ease patients’ symptoms and discomforts: For people with kidney disease, skin itching, finger numbness, muscle cramps, headache and back pain are common complaints. If you have one or more of these symptoms, acupuncture may be a good remedy.



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