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Chinese medicine therapy in our hospital

  Overview of traditional Chinese medicine

  With more than 5000 years of history, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been used to treat various diseases. Compared with western medicine, Chinese medicine has an obvious superiority on dealing with chronic disease as well as Chronic Kidney Disease. As introduced by doctors of TCM, they usually use the following methods to treat kidney disease.

  Chinese medicine

  Most of Chinese medicines are made from natural plants, flowers, stems, roots or leaves. In the past, Chinese medicine is mainly taken orally, and some of them can help reverse kidney damage.

  Acupuncture Therapy

  Acupuncture is one treatment that uses different sizes of needles to treat various diseases. Most often, acupuncture is one complementary treatment for kidney disease patients. Through regulating inner body system and easing their symptoms, acupuncture does do a lot for quite a number of kidney patients.

  Cupping Therapy

  Cupping therapy, first used to treat abscess or sores, has been applied widely to treat many other chronic medical problems currently. For people with kidney disease, cupping therapy is able to help them dilate blood vessels, boost immune system and improve blood circulation.

  Massage Therapy

  Massage therapy is one common treatment in not only China but also many other countries. As an effective treatment to relieve fatigue and pain, massage therapy has been used often to help manage symptoms of kidney disease.

  Medicated Bath

  When the person takes a bath, put some effective herbs to the bath water. We call it medicated bath. In this treatment, the active ingredients of herbal medicines can permeate into the body via skin. For people with kidney disease, medicated bath has effects of controlling their symptoms and improving their overall healthy condition.

  Foot Bath

  Foot bath focuses on improving the blood circulation on feet and legs. Therefore, it is highly recommended for kidney disease patients who have foot or leg problems.


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