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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

  Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

  Therapy introduction

  Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the effective innovation therapy for chronic kidney disease that is summed up by the country's largest hospital-- Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital in 20 years of a large number of clinical practice, which is the patent of Shijiazhuang Kidney disease hospital and there is no this therapy in other places.

  Micro- Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of innovative therapy which is summed up in the clinical practices of many years. Its core technology is to make the effective prescription for treating kidney disease into micro-powder, which is aimed to fully release and mix the active ingredients in drugs and then apply the effective penetrant and osmosis equipment to make the effective drug permeated into kidney lesions by topical solutions to a treat kidney diseases. This innovative therapy can not only eliminate the toxic side effects of oral drugs, but also achieve the purpose of making effective drug ingredients into the kidney focus. Besides, this innovative therapy has been proven to be effective and convenient in clinical practice. It has become a major feature and a core treatment technology in the Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. Its therapeutic mechanism is that: through the expansion of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti coagulation, anti blood viscosity, degradation of fibrosis material and so on to achieve the progress of blocking, the progress of renal fibrosis, repair of the damaged cells and renal function, and rebuild the proper structure of the kidney. Therefore, the abbreviation is: blocking + restoration + reconstruction.

  The meaning of "micro"

  1. Micro refers to the processing method of traditional Chinese medicine--- crushing and decocting. We make a new processing method to make the powder more finer, and more easily to be absorbed, which is called micro. The essence is more subtle. Of course, the processing method can not be explained in detail for the protection of the hospital.

  2. Penetration refers to the effective use of the traditional Chinese medicine topical therapy. But over the years, the traditional Chinese medicine for external application has been a difficult problem. That is to say, the actual amount of effective drug penetrated into the body can not reach the ideal so that people doubt the real effect of this therapy. Therefore, when design the topical drug formulation, our hospital use a unique method of penetrating drugs to ensure the treatment effect of topical drugs. In order to highlight the specificity of this method, we have highlighted the two words "penetration" in the therapy introduction.

  3. In the design of micro traditional Chinese medicine penetration therapy, the hospital fully absorb the advanced technology of Chinese and Western medicine, so as to make the theory of traditional Chinese medicine treatment has been a very good interpretation. According to the international kidney disease treatment front theory, theory of kidney disease incidence developed from organizational theory to the cytology theory, so the diagnosis of kidney disease also transformed from the clinical diagnosis to pathological diagnosis. Therefore, the scientific diagnosis for kidney disease has become the analysis of cell damage on the basis of cell damage. The original theory of renal function injury has become today's diagnosis theory for kidney intrinsic cell function damage.

  Treatment principle

  1. Dilation of blood vessels

  For kidney disease patients, inflammatory mediators and all kinds of oxidative stress reaction in blood will inevitably lead to vascular tissue damage, which will inevitably lead to poor blood circulation, resulting in the ischemia and hypoxia of microcirculation system. The environment of ischemia and hypoxia will cause the damage on kidney inherent cells. To alleviate this condition, western medicine treatment will be certain to use various of drugs to relieve renal symptoms.

  2. Anti-inflammation

  Nephritis must cause a large number of inflammatory mediators released in the blood circulation. In order to resolve all kinds of inflammatory reaction caused by this, western medicine is bound to use all kinds of anti-inflammatory measures.

  3. Anticoagulation, anti thrombosis

  The appearance of inflammatory lesions is bound to lead to the enhancement of platelet activity, and the formation of platelets will certainly lead to the normal blood viscosity develop to blood coagulation. And the increase of coagulation factors will gradually cause the formation of different degrees thrombosis in blood. The formation of thrombus is bound to result in the blockage of microcirculation, ischemia and hypoxia. In order to alleviate this situation, western medicine will use a variety of anticoagulant and anti thrombosis drug.

  4. Degradation of extracellular matrix

  From the perspective of Western medicine, the invasion of all kinds of harmful substances, resulting in the proliferation of the inherent extracellular matrix of the kidney. Hyperplasia, proliferation will lead to the increase of extracellular matrix. To alleviate this situation, western medicine will use the drugs degrading the extracellular matrix to curb excessive growth of the extracellular matrix.

  Limitations of conventional therapy

  The traditional western medicine just apply hormones, immunosuppressive drugs and antibiotics to treat kidney disease, and take dialysis or kidney transplant after the disease turns into uremia stage, which is the conventional methods for the treatment of renal disease. There are certain advantages in the efficacy, but its side effects are larger, and the cost is expensive. Especially when it comes to uremia, the patient will be more pain in the treatment, which is not only from the physical, more spiritual. It brings great ideological pressure and economic pressure to the patients and their families, and the family is difficult to bear.

  Know from the above discussion, the leak of urinary protein and red blood cell are mainly caused by the increase in permeability of glomerular filtration membrane. For example, diabetic nephropathy is caused by the leakage of protein caused by renal microcirculation lesion, glomerular sclerosis and basement membrane damage. And these symptoms are mainly caused by long-term of hyperglycemia.

  In the past, the doctors mainly treat the primary disease and pay less attention to repair on the glomerular filtration membrane. It can be known from above, the urine protein can be reduced or disappeared for some time, but its most fundamental cause is not resolved, and the glomerular filtration membrane has not been repaired. After the drug action is lost, or due to some reasons, the urine protein will appear.


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