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How to Do Foot Soak Properly?

  How to Do Foot Soak Properly?

  Foot soaking is good for our health. But how can we do foot soak properly? Here are some tips:

  1. Doing foot soak at nine o’clock in the evening is the best time.

  Doing foot soak at 9 o’clock in the evening can help us improve the blood circulation, heat our body and relax our kidney. After the foot soak, it will make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Also it can improve the sleep quality.

  2. Proper water temperature.

  Common foot soaking may last a long time. So we need to adjust the water temperature. The most proper water temperature is 2 to 3 degree higher than our body temperature. It means 38 to 42 degree is the best.

  3. Make it effective

  How to see if the foot soak is effective or not? Sweat. After foot soak, if you start to sweat on your head or your back, it means your whole body blood circulation has been dredged. At that time, you can finish foot soak.

  4. Note for foot soak.

  The time shouldn’t be too long. Thirty minutes is the ok. Patients with heart failure or kidney failure should not take foot soak. After meal, we should not take foot soak immediately.


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