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  First, definition: FSGS is a rare kidney disease with the feature of injury in glomerular.

  The internal reason of this disease is the low immunity, while the external reason is the damage from antigen such as influenza or infection.

  Second, pathogenesis: the low immunity and influenza, infection will make antigen enter human body. Antigen, combined with antibody, will form immune complex which will deposit in the vessels to injury glomerular. Long time later, glomerular will lose the filtration function, then kidney function will be damaged.

  Third, symptoms: , edema, hypertension, hypoproteinemia, high cholesterol.

  Fourth, diagnosis: renal biopsy, glomerular filtration rate, ultrasonic testing, gene detection.

  Fifth, treatment: the treatment of FSGS may be classified as two types: western therapy and Chinese medicine therapy. In western, doctors use western medicine to relieve disease, while there are much side-effect in it. In our hospital, we treat this disease from the root. the glomerular sclerosis will be treat through micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy.

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