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Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Patient Case

    Update Time:2017-01-19 16:46:08 Click Rate:82

    Our patient jasmine, who is from Nepal,was found the PKD for his creatinine level, in the 2014....[readmore]

  • The testing for polycystic kidney disease

    Update Time:2017-01-18 10:28:26 Click Rate:193

    1. Routine urine test   There was no abnormality in early stage, and there was microscopic hematuria in middle and late stage. When the patients companied with stones and infection, there will be the appearance of white blood cells an...[readmore]

  • The Harm of PKD

    Update Time:2017-01-18 10:27:06 Click Rate:171

     In addition to the kidneys, ADPKD affect multiple organs and tissues. About 1/3 patients can have a liver cyst, the number of cysts increased with the increasing in age, the clinical manifestations include liver pain, discomfort and early...[readmore]

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