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Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • The Symptoms of PKD

    Update Time:2017-01-25 09:35:35 Click Rate:86

    This pain is one of symptoms of polycystic kidney disease, often performed as the low back pressure or dull pain, and always with sharp pain or abdominal pain sometimes....[readmore]

  • Which kind of diet should be noticed for polycystic kidney d

    Update Time:2017-01-25 09:33:33 Click Rate:190

    Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic kidney disease. For most patients, the daily diet is more important than the clinical treatment. ...[readmore]

  • The Genetic Background of PKD

    Update Time:2017-01-25 09:23:21 Click Rate:128

    Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease mainly has two genes, which are named respectively as PKD1 and pkd2....[readmore]

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