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Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • The Women Can Give A Birth?

    Update Time:2017-01-31 13:46:01 Click Rate:77

    Many women do not want to have a baby, but due to the age and compelling from motherhood, they wish to have their babies and most of them can achieve their goal, but some women can not do that. ...[readmore]

  • These matters needing attention for PKD diets

    Update Time:2017-01-31 13:44:58 Click Rate:171

    For the PKD patients, the main dietary principle is light, and avoid supply nutrition with blind eyes. ...[readmore]

  • The Dietary Principle for PKD Patients

    Update Time:2017-01-31 13:42:50 Click Rate:146

    This is for the patients whose expansion cysts have been harmful to kidney function, because the patients need to control salt intake, but not all of the polycystic kidney patients must strictly limit salt, which is depended on the individua...[readmore]

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