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The treatment of PKD

  Recently, more and more people were diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, and more and more people are suffer from a lot of painful sufferings from Polycystic Kidney Disease.

  In most cases, patients are often suggested to receive the surgery to remove the cysts. Is the surgery the best choice for patients to deal with their kidney disease. The answer is no, what surgery do is just to remove out the cysts and relive some poisoning symptoms, it can not treat the kidney disease fundamentally. Moreover, surgery just can eliminate the big size cysts, which gives more root the growth of small ones. When the little cysts get enlarged, patients have to face another surgery to remove out the the cysts, thus, patients are in vicious circle. What is worse, patients who receive the surgery would suffer from the decrease kidney function, various post-surgery infections.

  Since we know the disadvantage of surgery, we should try our best to avoid it. Therefore, more and more are choosing Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat their kidney disease.

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