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Polycystic kidney disease(1)

  Zhou Meiyan female, 56, ganzhou city of jiangxi province in polycystic kidney, renal insufficiency nitrogen qualitative hematic disease stage. Physical examination in 2005 found that polycystic kidney, waist pain, high blood pressure, urine urine protein 2 +, occult blood +, take the goldwater capsule orally, but the effect is not good, until June 2006 appear fatigue symptoms, check kidney function: Cr202.4 umol/L, BUN9.3 tendency/L for further treatment, in October 2006, she was admitted in shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital.

  Hospital ultrasound measurement: left kidney is 20.1 * 12.9 * 6 cm , the largest cyst 6.3 * 6.3 cm, 22.9 * 13.4 * 13.4 cm, right kidney biggest cyst 5.9 * 5.9 cm, renal function Cr261.5 umol/L, BUN9.7 tendency for L, routine urine protein 2 +, occult blood (-).

  Applied micro Chinese medicine after 10 days, and stomach inductance sense of ease by herself, whole body fell relaxed,and there is a large number of fine particles in urine sediment, 23 days at discharge ultrasound: review of the double kidney size fell 1.0 cm on admission, the largest cyst on average 0.5 cm, home with micro Chinese medicine treatment adherence, and review after one and half months at a local hospital kidney function: Cr129.4 umol/L, BUN6.9 tendency for L, double kidney significantly narrowed.


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