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The Causes for PKD

  The Causes for PKD

  1. Congenital dysplasia

  Congenital dysplasia can cause many kinds of disease, but for the patients with PKD, there is no change in the gene.

  2. Various of infections



  The infection can cause environment changed in the body, which will enhance the activity of cyst gene, and thus cyst grows up quickly. Infection of any part on body can go into the kidneys through the blood and affect the cysts, and the infection will cause great damage to the kidney function.

  3. Toxins

  If there is a toxin come into the body, various of organ injury will be caused, which can even threaten the life.

  4. Diets

  Unreasonable diet can hurt our stomach easily and cause blood disorder; the healthy diet will cause gastrointestinal diseases, even with a serious poisoning; the cold diet can damage our spleen and stomach easily; the hot diets can cause gastrointestinal heat accumulation.


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