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Matters Needing Attention for PKD patients

  Matters Needing Attention for PKD patients




  Reasonable diets are very important to care for the patients with polycystic kidney. The patients should avoid the fishy and salt products, over fed and over hunger, and avoid overheating and over cold, so as not to hurt the temper. Patients with high blood uric acid or high blood pressure should take low purine and low-fat diet, and stop the animal offal diet and high fat diet. Patients in late stage of chronic renal failure should pay attention to control the intake of protein in food.

  2. Patients should avoid the infection on kidney, avoid bath and urethral intubation, and try to urinate immediately after sexual intercourse. In case of Intra capsular infection, the patients need to find a kidney specialist to receive treatment, and prolong the use of antibiotics (4-6 weeks).

  3. Patients with polycystic kidney disease should properly control the blood pressure, because hypertension is a risk factor for the progression of polycystic kidney disease.

  4. In daily life, PKD patients should avoid strenuous exercise, wearing pants, and using the seat belt around the abdomen, so can prevent the kidney damage due to extrusion and injury.

  5. Polycystic kidney disease patients with kidney stones should drink enough water every day to make the urine volume reach to 2 liters per day. If it can not be discharged, the patients should turn to the operation.


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