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The PKD patients can drink spirit?

  The PKD patients can drink spirit?

  1. According to many researches, the spirit, especially the white spirit, should be stopped by the PKD patients. The stimulation of alcohol to the kidney is excellent, it can stimulate the activity of polycystic protein, accelerate the secretion of liquid in the sac, and accelerate the growth of the cyst.

  2. Drinking spirit frequently can cause high blood pressure, and make the cells losing of water; Creatine metabolism in muscles can make the serum creatinine increase; Alcohol decomposition can produce acidic substances in the presence of metabolic acidosis, which manifested nausea, loss of appetite, depression, headaches and other symptoms. Long time drinking can cause anemia, platelet dysfunction, the occurrence of various causes of gastrointestinal hemorrhage; malabsorption, malnutrition will cause the reducing using rate to vitamin B1 and B2, and cause hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

  3. Besides, drinking also have harm on the kidneys, and drinking will affect the body's nitrogen balance, increase the decomposition of protein, and increase blood urea nitrogen content, which is bound to increase the burden on the kidneys.


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