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The Dietary Principle for PKD Patinets

  The Dietary Principle for PKD Patinets

  1. Limit the salt intake:

  The patients with serious cysts threaten on renal function should limit the salt intake strictly, due to their serious condition. But it is not all the patients should limit salt intake strictly, which should depend on their individual condition.

  2. Limit the water intake:



  The life is originated in the water, but the patients at a serious stage should pay more attention on the limitation of water intake; for the patients with simple polycystic kidney disease, if without obvious swelling, heart failure and hypertension, the patients avoid water intake with blind eyes, due to the decreasing renal function.

  3. Control the protein intake:

  In the modern medical speaking, much or less protein intake is no benefit for kidneys, especially the much protein intake, which can produce metabolic products, such as urea, creatinine, and serum creatinine, and some of the molecular substances in the drug in advanced renal failure are essentially nitrogen metabolites. Therefore, controlling protein intake plays an important role in reducing burden on kidneys, decreasing renal failure at late stage and toxins and alleviating disease condition.


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