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Clinical manifestations of polycystic kidney disease

  Clinical manifestations of polycystic kidney disease

  About 85% of ADPKD patients have a family history. The symptoms in the abdomen, lateral abdominal and back pain or discomfort is the most common, mostly for pain, dull pain.



  Sudden increase in pain may be caused by a cyst rupture bleeding or secondary infection. Approximately 60% of ADPKD patients have macroscopic or microscopic hematuria, which are often induced or aggravated in trauma, severe labor or infection. Hypertension is one of the common clinical manifestations of ADPKD, accounting for about 60%~90%.

  Abdominal mass is one of the important signs of ADPKD, double of which palpated accounted for 50%~80%, unilateral palpable accounted for 15%~30%, palpation texture is more closely, with the respiratory motion.

  Generally between 20~60 years of age, the clinical symptoms of renal dysfunction appears, when the patients are at 60 years old, about 50% of patients are with end-stage renal disease.


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