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 These Chinese Dishes Are Benefit for PKD Patients ..

  These Chinese Dishes Are Benefit for PKD Patients

  1. Rehmannia medlar turtle soup:



  The patients with vertigo and headache, backache can take a trionyx sinensis (about 250g), Rehmannia 15g, medlar 30g to stew soup. Wash the rehmannia and medlar and put them into boiling water hot, gutted, claw, head and diced. And then put all materials into a pot, add appropriate amount of boiling water, and simmer stew by boiling water for 2 hours, seasoning. The soup can be drunk after seasoning.

  2. Cassia seed hawthorn tea:



  Add 15g cassia and 15g raw hawthorn into hot water to make tea, which can reduce the blood pressure.

  3. Herba Leonuri Rhizoma imperatae agrimony with chicken soup:

  Take a chicken and wash it, put them with 10g herba leonuri, 10grhizoma imperatae, 10gagrimony and 5g ginger into a pot and simmer them for 2h.



  The patients need to eat chicken dregs and drink soup, which is used to work on fitness after hematuria.


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