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Two Chinese dishes are good for PKD patients .

  Two Chinese dishes are good for PKD patients

  1. Astragalus lamb


  Mutton25g, Astragalus 25g, amount of salt, ginger and other seasonings.


  Wash the astragalus and cut them into slices, then add amount of water to and boil them, the concentrated juice is kept in reserve. Wash mutton and cut it into chunks, then mix with concentrated juice and boil them for 2-3 hours. Finally add certain salt, the delicious dish is achieved. The dish is suitable for these persons with pale complexion, weak and tired. Besides, these persons easily infected are also advised to eat it.

  2. Lentils coix seed frog soup


  Frog 3, coix seed 15g.


  Soak lentils and coix seed for half an hour, and the frog after slaughter and peel viscera are cut into pieces later. Then put all the ingredients together into the pot and add appropriate amount of water, fire before boiling and slow fire to Shulan. Finally the patients can drink the soup and eat the frog, which is suitable for patients with anorexia, nausea, diarrhea, pale tongue, or thin fur.


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