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Polycystic kidney patients diet care code


  It is genetic that polycystic kidney disease is a chronic renal disease in clinic, it is difficult to treat and slow onset time. Polycystic kidney disease patients in their daily life need to protect their kidneys, regular take B ultrasound, in their daily lives must take certain precautions.

  People usually need to eat some of the food kidney. Such foods are limp for kidney deficiency caused impotence, nocturnal emission, abnormal urination embolism, were nourishing to support the top grade, the hobby appropriate choice of varieties and cooking methods based on individual diet.

  Animal kidneys: kidneys food animals with protect and prevent function, Chinese medicine is a concrete manifestation of the "make kidneys to protect kidneys" theory. Because it is rich in protein, fat, vitamins and trace elements in some rare, so both have strong nourishing power.

  Sea cucumber: it can kidney essence because it rich in iodine, zinc and other trace elements. Involved in regulating energy metabolism, lower blood lipids. Contains sticky protein and polysaccharide components other lipid-lowering anticoagulation, promote hematopoietic function, aging, nourishing the skin, tissue repair and so on.

  Gorgon: it has spleen and dehumidification function. Containing starch, vitamins and minerals. With wolfberry with porridge eating.

  Shrimp: Can enhance kidney yang, through milk detoxification. Rich in protein, lipids, minerals, vitamins, calcium, especially rich in phosphorus, it is can boost bone, shrimp extract also contains immune-enhancing substances.

  In addition, animal meat, eggs, bone marrow, black sesame seeds, cherry, mulberry, yams, also have varying degrees of kidney function. Not eat soy products, and spicy.


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