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Polycystic kidney disease hazards


  Polycystic kidney disease in our daily life is not common, this is a rare congenital genetic disease, the main symptoms are kidney swelling deformation, congenital renal hypoplasia and so on. Many baby itself is polycystic kidney disease gene carriers, it is also possible that mothers not pay attention to diet caused among pregnant period. Depending on the gene organization, polycystic kidney disease is divided into two kinds. One is the dominant gene means patient was born with polycystic kidney disease, another a genetic control is invisible, has a certain incubation period, and its long incubation period, can be found at middle age. What are the polycystic kidney disease hazards?

  At first, genetic: polycystic kidney disease belongs to a genetic disease, so when suffering from the disease. Patients fear itself will be passed on to children, families and the fear that with the onset of the gene itself, will be displayed after the fear of polycystic kidney disease.

  Secondly, the growth: polycystic kidney disease with age, renal cortical cysts and gradually increase the number and size changes. Increased renal cysts will keep pressing nature of damage kidney function, kidney will last occupied by the kidney cysts.

  Thirdly, often complications:

  Cystic changes of polycystic kidney disease, is not limited to kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen, ovaries can be involved. Some patients have cerebral vascular malformations, and even lead to recover the blood, cardiovascular piecemeal also affected, and mitral valve prolapse, regurgitation is the most common. Thus, polycystic kidney disease is not only the main cause of kidney failure but also a systemic disease.


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