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Patient Case


  Our patient jasmine, who is from Nepal,was found the PKD for his creatinine level, in the 2014.With 3cm size cyst ,multiples of cysts found in the liver and kidney and too much fluids increases according to the growth of cyst. In the local hospital, she accepted the surgery to extract fluid in the cyst.Unfortunately,the cyst reoccur again in his kidney and the condition become even worse.

  In this condition ,she want to find a best treatment in other hospital.When he went to our hospital on June 6th,her cyst increased to 6cm.She felt very on the lower back ,serious high blood pressure and frequent urination at night. The expert analysis her test report and give some treatment plan for her.

  Through 4 weeks hospitalization in our hospital,his condition get improved.Her symptoms relieved ,the blood pressure dropped, the cyst shrink and the cyst decreased as well.

  She is appreciated very much for our doctor and nurse and she could live a normal life again.


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