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Polycystic kidney stage

  Polycystic kidney stage

  1. Emergence period:

  The disease is a genetic disorder, usually burning with cysts, so small that it is difficult to detect. Before the age of 20, the disease is generally not easy to be found, but if having a family history of polycystic kidney, the patients should receive testing regularly to observe the growth of cysts. Pay attention to maintenance.

  2. Growth period

  Among 30-40 years old, the cysts grow quickly, which is call grow period. In the growing period, the patients should strengthen observation, and there is no way for western medicine for this disease at this period and believe that there is no treating requires. In this period, the patients should still be active to receive the treatment, whose purpose of the treatment is to use a strong blood circulation effect from traditional Chinese medicine to make the cysts no longer growth or delay the growth rate of the cyst, and thus extend the life of the patients. That is to say, this is the key period for the using of the traditional Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation and remove stasis.



  3. Swollen period

  After entering the age of 40, the cyst will have a further growth. The period among the cysts more than 4cm to the cyst ruptured is called the swelling period. With the expansion of the cyst, there will be more clinical symptoms, such as low back pain, proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure, which should be closely observed at this time. In the treatment, this time is the key period of the combination of Chinese and Western therapy. The patients can receive the treatment of HXHY detoxification Xiezhuo to remove the cystic fluid to achieve the purpose of protecting the renal function. So the period is the key for the treatment of polycystic kidney enlargement with combination of TCM and Western medicine.

  4. Broken period

  If the cyst continues to grow, it will be broken in the role of some external factors. When it is broken, the patients should be immediately hospitalized for treatment to prevent the sepsis and acute deterioration of renal function, and thus facilitate other symptomatic treatment.

  5. Uremic stage

  The patients should receive the treatment focused on uremia to protect the renal function, and the blood dialysis should be taken at the end age.


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