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The complications of PKD

  The complications of PKD

  1. Abnormal urine:

  It mainly manifested as proteinuria or hematuria, which is one of the early symptoms.

  2. Abdominal mass:

  When the kidney increases to a certain extent, the size of a lump can be touched in the side or bilateral upper abdomen.

  3. Anemia:

  Most patients with polycystic kidney disease will experience a process from the light to heavy anemia, always companied with night urine.

  4. Hypertension:

  Hypertension is one of the most frequently occurring symptoms of polycystic kidney disease, accounting for about 50%-60%.

  5. The waist, abdominal pain or local discomfort:

  In general, many symptoms will be found in the early stage for polycystic kidney disease patients, mainly manifested certain pressure on waist and back, and sometimes severe pain.

  6. Urinary symptoms:

  anuria, frequent urination, urgency urine, urinary pain, hematuria, oliguria, nocturia and so on.


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