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PKD Complications


PKD Complications


  1. Kidney stones

  The disease is generally a dull pain, angina accompanied with gross hematuria means the appearance of kidney stones.

  2. Multiple cysts on other organs

  About half of middle aged ADPKD patients are with polycystic liver, and after 60 years old, about 70% of them have polycystic liver. It is generally believed that the polycystic liver disease develop slowly and is later than the polycystic kidney disease for more than 10 years. The cyst is caused by dilation of the bile duct. Besides, Pancreas and ovary may also have multiple cysts and the coincidence of colonic diverticula is also higher.

  3. Cerebral basilar artery aneurysm

  Coincidence of angeioma was 10% ~ 40%. And often due to rupture of blood vessels and cerebral hemorrhage, the disease was found in further examination. Besides, thoracic aortic aneurysm and heart valve disease (such as valvular regurgitation and prolapse) are also common. Infantile polycystic kidney disease may be associated with portal hypertension and alveolar dysplasia.

  4. High blood pressure or recurrent urinary tract infection and other complications


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