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The Case for PKD

  The Case for PKD

  Personal profile:

  Wang Huiying, female, aged 46, in Anyang, Henan Province.


  Bilateral polycystic kidney.

  Admission time:

  April 8, 2006 to April 28th 2006.

  Condition before admission:

  Patients found that the double kidney has a number of cysts in the physical examination, which can not grasp the patient’s attention. Only after feeling dizzy, the patients started to take measures, the blood pressure measurement is to 160/110mmhg.

  Admission situation:

  Normal urine, B Ultrasound display: Right kidney size: 14.8*7.2cm, the largest cyst 5.3*4.2cm, the left kidney: 15.0*7.9cm, the largest cyst 6.0*4.5cm, blood pressure up to 170/115mmhg.

  Discharge condition:

  After the treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for 20 days, the result is effective. Double kidney significantly reduced: Right kidney: 12.0*5.7cm, left kidney 11.8*6.0cm, blood pressure 140/85mmhg. Patients are very satisfied with the result, and then his family came to the hospital for further treatment, the curative effect is great.


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