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There are three advantages in treatment kidney disease

  There are three advantages in treatment kidney disease:

  First, TCM regards the body as a whole. Because whole body must be regulated instead of treating kidney only, especially, chronic kidney disease affects many organs and systems. In this condition, TCM takes many measures like Yin-Yang and five elements theory, regulating the whole body, sthengthening healthy qi to eliminate pathogens, addressing both the symptoms and root causes.

  Second, TCM focus on syndrome differentiation, which means take different treatments according to different patients, diseases and symptoms. Kidney disease patients with many types such as qi and blood stasis, kidney qi deficiency, yang of spleen and kidney deficiency. We should take the corresponding treatment according to different classification, in order to achieve the ideal therapeutic effect.

  Third, TCM treats kidney disease using medcine that is growing in nature, avoiding the side effect of Artificial chemical synthetic drug and other adverse reactions. TCM pays attention to treat symptoms and root causes. For example, TCM not only stresses on diuretic swelling but also improves the glomerular basement membrane permeability and removes the immune complex through promoting blood circulation and removing stasis in nephrotic syndrome treatment, which treats disease from the course of it and prevents the relapse. Kidney can produce many pathological product after kidney damage and these pathogenic products can not be cleared in time, kidney will continue to accelerate the fibrosis, eventually lose metabolism. But TCM with the actions of clearing heat and removing toxin can effectively suppress inflammatory cells. Drugs of promoting blood circulation contained in traditional Chinese medicine composition can effectively dissolve the invigorate the circulation of blood clots, restrain fiber organization. Kidney can be damaged for their own immune function disorder, and traditional Chinese medicine can help the body's immune function to return to be normal.


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