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What causes the polycystic kidney disease(PKD)?

  What causes the polycystic kidney disease(PKD)?

  The exact etiology of PKD is unclear. Although the symptoms appear in adulthood,the cysts often occur in foetal period.According to many studies,the abnormal cellular growth and changes as well as the intercellular substance that are caused by genetic defects are one of the most important causes of PKD.What's worse,as the time and disease progress,PKD will worsen into ESRF,which is the fourth reason.


  The diagnostic criteria of PKD can be divided into the main diagnostic evidence and auxiliary diagnostic evidence.

  main diagnostic evidence

  --numerous and unequal sized liquid cysts

  --specific family history of ADPKD

  --gene linkage analysis are positive

  auxiliary diagnostic evidence

  --polycystic liver

  --renal insufficiency

  --cysts on spleen or pancreas

  --abnormal heart valve

  --intracranial aneurysm

  --ventral hernia

  Some routine inspections,like CT,serum creatinine,urine routines,etc,play an very important role in diagnosed with PKD.

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