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polycystic kidney disease

  The Treating for PKDPolycystic kidney is large and small cysts in the entire kidney, these cysts will grow with increasing age, which can damage the renal structure and reduce the nephron. Later the damaged kidneys can not support the life and the uremia appears.These foods suitable for PKD patients:1. The vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin.2. These food dissolving stones, such as agarics.3. The food with diuretic effect.4. Alkaline foods are also taken, which plays a supporting role in the treatment of polycystic kidney.5. These fruits and vegetables rich in iron, such as carrot. There are many disadvantages for PKD treating. If the disease can not be cured from the root, the patients are advised to receive Chinese medical treatment. The whole concept of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of polycystic kidney can regulate swelling, thus thoroughly cure renal cyst.


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