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How to treat polycystic kidney disease

  How to treat polycystic kidney disease

  1.Headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness, weight loss and other symptoms of chronic renal failure.

  (1) Cardiovascular system performance: High blood pressure, sometimes it is the first episode.

  (2) Digestive system performance: 30%~40% patients are with liver cysts.

  Polycystic kidney disease: most patients will have symptoms when they come to 40 years old.

  2.Pain or dull pain on back or upper abdominal, or renal colic.


  4.Upper urinary tract infection.

  5.Complicated with kidney stones.

  Physical examination:

  The kidneys can be touched on one side or both sides when the patients receive the physical examination, which is in a nodular type. 50% patients are with waist circumference increased.

  Supplementary examination:

  Urine routine, urine osmotic pressure determination, blood creatinine, KUB flat film shows the increase of the kidney shadow, IVP showed signs of renal pelvis compression deformation, B ultrasound, CT.


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