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PKD diet and advice for patients

  PKD diet and advice for patients




  These foods promoting urine.

  2The alkalescent foods should be eaten more, which plays a assistant role in the treating for polycystic kidney disease.

  3These fruits or vegetables with much iron, such as garden radish.

  4These vegetables or fruits rich in vitamins.

  5These foods alleviating stones, such as black fungus.

  These diet are advised:



  Maodou. Sauteed Green Beans. Peas lentils. Long beans. Soybean Milk. Soy milk. Tofu curd. Dry. Chicken. Spinach. Laver. Pepper Deep-Fried Dough Sticks. Animal offal. Seafood. Preserved egg. Roe. Alcohol. Crabs. Salted. Shellfish. Fried food. Peanut. chicken essence. Fish bile. sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate.

  These diet should be avoided:

  Wax gourd, watermelon. Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Cucumber. Squash. Loofah. Bitter melon. Gourd. Carrots. Yam. Chinese cabbage cabbage leaves.. spinach. Dish. Cabbage. Kelp. Tomatoes. Garlic onion ginger. Strawberry. Kiwi. Eggplant. Grapes. Fish. Egg white. Milk. Honey. Walnut meat. Red bean. Pears.. celery. Onions. Cauliflower. Lettuce.( The patients with high uric acid should control the food with high purine and take appropriate water intake.)


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