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The Case for PKD(1)

  The Case for PKD


  Chen Linzhi, female, 38 years old, Jingyang County in Shaanxi province.


  polycystic kidney disease.

  Symptoms when admission:

  The patient got this disease in 5 years ago, with the unknown cause of the waist pain, and she have not paid special attention to it, later the disease gradually increased and the simple treatment effect is not obvious. In 2003, because of the hard work, she had back pain, and the bright red blood in the urine appeared. In the local county hospital B Ultrasound showed: In the left kidney, there are visible multiple liquid dark area ranging in 2.0 - 2.4 - 2.6 - 3.4cm. In the right kidney, there are visible multiple liquid dark area ranging in 2.5 - 3.4 - 4.0 - 6.44cm. The blood creatinine: 2899umol/L, diagnosis: bilateral polycystic kidney.

  Condition after admission:

  After the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine osmotherapy for 10 days, the kidney detoxification function increased. Serum creatinine: 1100umol0/L. After taking medicine for four months to home, the review showed after a month: blood creatinine 835umol/L, the bilateral cysts decreased. At present, low back pain and hematuria disappeared, the present condition was stable and continued to improve.


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