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The Complication treatment of PKD


The Complication treatment of PKD


  1. The treatment for blood urine:

  When the hematuria appears, in addition to the clear reasons for the treatment, the patients should reduce activity or take bed rest. For the patients who have been on dialysis or are about to dialysis, when the recurrent severe and uncontrollable hematuria appears, renal artery embolization may be considered.

  2. The treatment for infection:

  Infection of renal parenchyma and cyst is the main complication of this disease, and it is commonly used in combination with antibiotics.

  3. Combined upper urinary calculi treatment:

  According to the stone position and the size, the treatment principle is taken with principle of urinary calculi.

  4. The treatment for hypertension:

  The activation of the renin - angiotensin - aldosterone system is the main cause of high blood pressure, antihypertensive drugs should be selected according to it.


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