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What is the polycystic kidney disease?

  What is the polycystic kidney disease?



  Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary kidney disorder, which accounts for about 5%---10% of the total renal dysfunction in the final stage. With the increase of age, cyst gradually increased, the earliest symptoms includes: waist pain, high blood pressure, kidney B Ultrasound abnormal results.

  If can not be controlled in time, renal cysts will continue to increase and press the surrounding renal units, and thus cause its damage, which will result in renal fibrosis. Early performance in urine testing is protein and blood cells in urine. If the progression of renal fibrosis has not been effectively checked, there will be a rise in serum creatinine or a decreased glomerular filtration rate, which can eventually develop into end-stage renal failure.


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