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How to distinguish between polycystic kidney and renal cysts

  How to distinguish between polycystic kidney and renal cysts?



  1. Etiology and pathogenesis:

  Polycystic kidney disease is often stained, multiple renal cysts can be congenital (embryonic period), and can be caused by the trauma, inflammation, cancer and so on.

  2. Family medical history:

  Polycystic kidney family members have similar patients, but the multiple renal cysts family have no similar patients.

  3. Capsule content:

  The cysts of Polycystic kidney contain urine, but multiple renal cyst contains a kind of fluid (like plasma), including red blood cells.

  4. Complications and hazards:

  Polycystic kidney disease can appear hematuria, hypertension, edema, renal failure, uremia and other symptoms, but multiple renal cysts can generally not cause hypertension and renal insufficiency.

  5. Prevention:

  For polycystic kidney disease, the cysts can be controlled to eliminate the symptoms. But for multiple kidney cysts, the cysts just can be controlled or reduced, only the smaller can be eliminated.


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