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The notice for patients’ diets

  The notice for patients’ diets

  1. Do not eat salty class (including pickled), spicy class (including pepper, wine, shrimp, crab, etc.) ,contaminated (including rotten leftovers, etc.),and barbecue. For the patients with inefficient kidney function or uremia, they can not eat soybean and its product, limit eating high protein food, greasy food and so on.




  Water intake: Due to different causes, different course of disease, treatment measures are not the same. In mild renal failure, due to the decline of the concentration of kidney function, the body's metabolic products need more water to be discharged from the kidneys. Therefore, for the patients without obvious edema, heart failure or high blood pressure, they should not be blind to the water.

  3. Salt intake: The salt amount should be adjusted according to the patient's condition and the degree of renal function, not all chronic renal insufficiency patients should be strictly limited to salt.

  4. Renal cyst patients should eat food containing high quality protein, high fiber, and low in fat.

  5. Without dietary bias: Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, cattle, sheep, pig meat, eggs, milk, fish and shrimp can be eaten.


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