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Reasonable Diet for PKD

  Reasonable Diet for PKD

  1. Most patients do not have to change the lifestyle and limit activities, but dietary aspects need to pay attention to control, such as taking low salt and low-fat diet, reducing the consumption of animal organs, high protein foods (beans), alcoholic beverages and so on.




  Control the diet, eat the food with high calorie, high fiber and rich in vitamin, and take low fat, low salt and low quality protein diet. The daily protein intake should be in 0.6-0.8g/ (d.kg) which is based on high-quality protein, such as eggs, milk, lean meat and so on. Limit the plant protein intake, such as peanuts, beans and their products. Fast animals viscus and fat, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fiber.

  3. Drink more water, take more diets rich in vitamin and plant crude fiber diet to maintain smooth stool. Active control the hypertension and timely treat the urinary tract infection. In the course of medication, we should pay more attention to avoid the toxic effect of drugs.

  4. Pay attention to rest, avoid smoking, avoid drinking tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages, avoid chocolate, and take a low salt diet in hypertension. In the late course, the patients are recommended to take low protein diet. In the primary stage, most patients do not have to change life style and limit labor activities. When the cysts increasing seriously, the patients should avoid the heavy labor activities and the damage on abdomen.


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