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Less or stop of diet for PKD patients

  Less or stop of diet for PKD patients

  1. Salty foods, including preserved:

  The diet should be fresh and light, and the patients should take a low salt diet, 2~3 grams of edible salt per day is appropriate.

  2. Spicy food:



  Such as pepper, wine, shrimp, crab and so on.

  3. Visceral food:

  The cooked food made of animal organs is not suitable for patients with polycystic kidney disease, especially the animal liver. Many toxins are left behind in the gut. These substances can increase the burden on the kidneys, and increase the severity of the disease.

  4. High protein foods, such as soybeans, tofu and other soy products:

  The patients should take a low protein diet to avoid the synthesis of nitrogen metabolites in the body, and reduce the excretion of the kidney.

  5. Fermented foods, such as tofu and eggs:

  The fermented food is mainly bacteria fermentation of food, eating this food will be beneficial to the growth of cysts.

  6. Liquor, especially white liquor:

  For PKD patients, the liquor should be stopped, it can stimulate the activity of the polycystic protein and accelerate the growth of the cyst.

  7. Food containing potassium and phosphorus , such as corn flour, spinach, seaweed, soybeans and so on.


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