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These diets are good for the PKD patients

  These diets are good for the PKD patients

  1. The fruits and vegetables with high vitamin content, and the crude fiber diet. Such as milk, eggs, brown rice, cabbage and so on.




  The fruits and vegetables rich in iron, such as carrots.

  3. The vegetable food containing fossils , such as black fungus and so on.

  4. The food with a diuretic effect.

  5. Alkaline food should be also taken more, which can play a supplementary role in the treatment.

  6. The food improving renal function, such as animal meat, egg, bone marrow, black sesame, cherry, mulberry, yam and so on.

  7. Ginseng:

  It is rich in iodine, zinc and other trace elements, which can participate in the regulation of metabolism, and reduce blood lipid. It contains the sticky protein and other polysaccharide, which has the function of reducing blood fat and anti coagulation, promoting hematopoietic function, delaying aging, nourishing skin, repairing tissue and so on.

  8. Euryale:

  It contains starch, vitamins and minerals, which can be eaten with wolfberry fruit in porridge.


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