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Patients can not bear?

  Patients can not bear?

  Some women with polycystic kidney disease is about to bear and they are very concerned about whether they can bear or not. In fact, whether the patients can bear or not is mainly according to the different disease conditions. In the following, I will introduce the details.



  Generally speaking, female kidney disease patients without hypertension, renal function damage and large mount of proteinuria can give a birth to a healthy baby smoothly, which can not cause further kidney disease. We encourage such patients to bear after establishing a family as soon as possible, because their kidney function may be gradually decreased with the extension of time, and thus losing the best chance of pregnancy. For men with polycystic kidney disease, they are not affected by pregnancy.

  After diagnosis of PKD, the patients should receive early treatment as soon as possible, which will make it possible to give birth for patients with PKD. Do not make the delay disease lead to disaster.

  Polycystic kidney disease generally develop slowly, and the symptoms appear late or not obvious. Some people often have uncomfortable symptoms and hide them to do not let their family know it, which is regarded as the love to their family by them. In fact, this is the waste of his family's love.

  Through the above introduction for PKD patients can give birth or not, we must have understood. The most important is to receive timely treatment after diagnosis to ensure the disease can not be delayed.


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