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The Women Can Give A Birth?

  The Women Can Give A Birth?

  Many women do not want to have a baby, but due to the age and compelling from motherhood, they wish to have their babies and most of them can achieve their goal, but some women can not do that. Can the women with PKD have a baby? Which is a hot topic for the public.

  Pregnancy will increase the burden on the kidney, decrease creatinine clearance rate, and increase proteinuria, so the patients with high blood pressure and proteinuria in the pregnancy stage. During pregnancy, women with polycystic kidney disease will be accompanied by elevated blood pressure, and then renal damage



  Experts pointed out that when the polycystic kidney patients have hypertension, hematuria, uremia and the sign of poor prognosis, patients should pay close attention to it and can not be blindly to take medication, because drug damage will increase the condition of polycystic kidney disease.

  When the patients have stable condition and normal renal function, and have no symptoms of hypertension and the environment not conducive to pregnancy, the patients can be pregnant. In fact, pregnant women with polycystic kidney should make relevant examination and perinatal examination, so as to ensure the safety of pregnant. Besides, the patients should be full of confidence to the life.

  In fact, suffering from polycystic kidney, the patients can still have a child in the hardware conditions, but the patient friends can’t think you can ignore bad pregnancy factors and need to consider the polycystic kidney is not what effects on their own and in the belly of the fetus. After comprehensive evaluation, the patients decide whether to have a baby.


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