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These matters needing attention for PKD diets

  These matters needing attention for PKD diets



  For the PKD patients, the main dietary principle is light, and avoid supply nutrition with blind eyes. Firstly, the patients should take low-salt and low-sodium diets and avoid the diet rich in salt. Secondly, they should take diets low in protein or take good protein intake, such as milk, lean meat and so on. Besides, the diet low in phosphorus is also good for them.

  Specially speaking, they should avoid eating spicy food, including pepper, alcohol, shrimp, crab and so on; avoid eating barbecue; avoid beans and bean products; and avoid salty class, such as pickled and so on. And it is better to not eat fried food. For the questions about special food, the patients should consult to the main doctor for kidney disease, and avoid taking diets with their own options.


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