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The Dietary Principle for PKD Patients

  The Dietary Principle for PKD Patients

  1. Salt intake restriction:



  This is for the patients whose expansion cysts have been harmful to kidney function, because the patients need to control salt intake, but not all of the polycystic kidney patients must strictly limit salt, which is depended on the individual circumstances.

  2. Water intake restriction:



  Water is the source of human life, but for polycystic kidney patients, water intake is also a need to pay attention to. For patients with simple polycystic kidney disease, due to the renal function of concentration decreased, metabolic products need more water can be discharged from the kidneys, so simple polycystic kidney disease patients without obvious edema, heart failure and hypertension should not blindly limit water.

  3. Protein intake restriction:



  Modern medicine believes that the protein intake of too low or too much has no benefit to the kidneys, especially a large number of protein intake can produce excessive metabolites, such as urea, creatinine, polyamine, and some molecular substances. Controlling proteins are playing an important role to reduce the burden of the kidney, reduce the late renal failure and the production of toxic, and to ease the disease.


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