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Decompression of the top of the head for PKD

  Decompression of the top of the head for PKD

  1. Making a cut.

  Making a declining cut under the eleven rib or on the back.

  2. Making the cysts visible.



  Cut the muscles of each layer in turn, after cutting the perirenal fascia, isolate the kidney in perirenal fat with fingers. According to the cyst condition in nephrogram, isolate parts of kidneys to make the cysts visible.

  3. Remove the top wall



  First, suck the liquid in the bursa, and then remove the cyst wall at the top of the renal parenchyma. Checking there is abnormal or not in the cysts, make the alcohol cotton balls filled in the remaining cysts and resorted for 5 to 10 minutes, and then fill the perirenal fat into capsular space.

  4. Suture the edge of cysts.

  Remove the exposed wall to make the bottom of cyst completely open. Suture the edge between the cystic wall and renal parenchyma immediately with the 3-0 absorption line to make it healed with surrounding tissue.



  5. Suture the cut.

  After the operation, Placing the kidney to primary position and the rubber tube to drainage at the surrounding of kidneys. If it is the simple cyst, the doctor can also not place the rubber tube to drainage, and then according to the levels, suture the waist incision.


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