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What is The Genetic Law of PKD?

  What is The Genetic Law of PKD?



  According to the genetic characteristics, the polycystic kidney disease can be divided into ADPKD and ARPKD.

  The genetic characteristics are that:1. Men and women may be involved with equal opportunities. 2. If one side of patients has PKD, there will be 50%opportunities for their offspring to get polycystic kidney disease. 3. If both sides have PKD, their offspring will have 75% opportunities to get polycystic. 4. The offspring without PKD can not carry virulence gene, if married with a normal opposite sex, their offspring will not be attacked. Without parental genetic mutations, the situation is rare. So the father, grandfather, grand mother all have PKD,their offspring can not ill necessarily.

  However, the pathogenesis of polycystic kidney is about in 30-50 years old, so it not mean that the young people without the disease can not attack genetic polycystic kidney. So the patients need to follow their disease actively at any time, especially the double kidney B Ultrasound. Early detection and early treatment is the key to the prognosis of the disease.


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