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The stages of PKD

  The stages of PKD

  1. Occurring stage:

  This disease is a genetic renal disorder, the cysts appears when the born and are so small that can not be found.

  2. Growing stage:

  The cysts will grow quickly between 30 to 40 years old, which stage is called growing stage.

  3. Swelling stage:

  After 40 years old, the cysts will further grow. When the cysts are more than 4 cm to break, it is called swelling stage.

  4. Breaking stage:

  If the cyst continues to grow, in some external factors, the cysts will be broken, after broken, the aptients should be immediately hospitalized for treatment to prevent sepsis and renal function in acute deterioration.

  5. Uremia stage:

  Receive treatment for uremia to protect renal function, and receive the blood dialysis at end stage.


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