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Which kind of diet should be noticed for polycystic kidney d

  Which kind of diet should be noticed for polycystic kidney disease?

  Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic kidney disease. For most patients, the daily diet is more important than the clinical treatment.

  Cyst enlargement is caused by a series of factors, and therefore the patients should pay attention to these factors to control their disease condition and delay deterioration process. I hope the following introduction of daily main diet for polycystic kidney disease patients is helpful to everyone. These aspects should be noticed:

  These foods should be prohibited or reduced:

  1. Alcoholic drink: especially the white spirit, which has a bad impact on the kidney, it can Stimulate the activity of polycystic protein, accelerate the growth of cysts.

  2. Fermented food: Tofu milk, rotten eggs and so on. Stopping eating these food can delay the growth rate of cyst.

  3. These food with high protein: patients with any kinds of kidney disease should develop a diet with low-protein, such as soybean, tofu, and other soy products, to avoid the synthesis of nitrogen metabolites in the body and reduce the discharge capacity of the kidney.

  4. Visceral food: the visceral food is not suitable for polycystic kidney disease patients, especially the animal liver. There is a Chinese old saying about What to eat what to fill, which can easily mislead people, because there are lots of toxin deposited in splanchna.






  Coffee and chocolate should be forbidden.

  These foods are recommended to eat:

  1. The fruits or vegetables with high vitamin

  2. The fruits or vegetables with high iron: carrots.

  3. Vegetable food capable of containing stone: black fungus

  4. The food with diuretic effect.




  Basic food should be taken, which plays a supplementary role in the treatment.


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