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The Case for PKD(4)

  The Case for PKD

  Supervisor doctor:

  Zhang Yongfeng




  Zhang Chunzhi, female, 62years old, Handan city Hebei province.


  Polycystic kidney disease.

  Condition before admission:

  the patient has polycystic kidney disease and polycystic liver disease for about 20 years, the double kidneys are more 20cm and the patient can feel the being of the enlarged kidney. Urine volume per day is about 800ml with light color. Kidney function testing: serum creatinine 872umol/l, usea nitrogen: 34.2mmol/l.

  Condition after receiving treatment:

  the patient was sensitive for the micro-medicine after receiving our treatment for 26days and felt the kidney is not as hard as the before. The characteristic result is that: serum creatinine reduced to 264umol/l, usea nitrogen decreased to 12.3mmol/l, the urine became muddy, uric smell increased, and the uric color is not as light as before.


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