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The advice for PKD patients

  The advice for PKD patients




  The patients should treat the PKD correctly, have a good attitude to it, and establish the confidence to overcome the disease.




  The patients should prevent colds actively, ( having a cold makes disease more serious) participate in physical exercise and persist in it. (walking and jogging) only having a good constitution, the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease will be delayed.




  Dietary taboo: Eat more fruits, vegetables, red bean and red dates. Stop eating spicy food, soy products and volatiles(Seafood, rooster, shrimp, crab and so on).




  Stop eating renal toxic drugs, ( it includes: all painkillers, Ganmaotong, Kangtaike, quick cold capsule, gentamicin, kanamycin, tobramycin, sulfa drugs). It the patients must use anti-inflammatory drugs, the penicillin is the only choice,which is no toxic effect on kidneys.


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