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  • What are the effects of Hot Compress Therapy?

    Update Time:2017-02-04 13:52:02 Click Rate:74

    Hot Compress Therapy can make use of traditional Chinese medicine more effectively. Besides, this therapy can also take many other medical benefits to patient’s body health....[readmore]

  • Uremic care measures which

    Update Time:2016-12-18 14:34:33 Click Rate:152

    Because of the increasing pressure of life, many peoples life and diet are increasingly unhealthy, but also led to a variety of high incidence of diseases and other complications, uremia is a complication of many diseases, understanding ure...[readmore]

  • Nephrotic syndrome, what care measures

    Update Time:2016-12-18 14:33:45 Click Rate:134

    Nephrotic syndrome, what care measures Nephrotic syndrome will lead to the emergence of many patients in the illness during the physical and physical and mental suffering from a great deal of serious damage to the health of patients will be...[readmore]

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