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Uremic care measures which

  Because of the increasing pressure of life, many people's life and diet are increasingly unhealthy, but also led to a variety of high incidence of diseases and other complications, uremia is a complication of many diseases, understanding uremic sub-daily Life in the maintenance measures, can effectively treat the disease, and now we introduce the uremic care measures.

  1. Active treatment

  Uremia is a deadly disease, but it is not no cure. For non-induced factors in cases of renal function irreversible, dialysis treatment can be considered. Dialysis therapy, including oral, peritoneal, hemodialysis (artificial kidney) three; oral dialysis treatment is only applicable to light uremic patients. In recent years, due to the universal application of dialysis, so that patients with advanced uremia for 5 years to survive and maintain a certain number of labor. Therefore, dialysis therapy is the treatment of advanced uremia is one of the effective methods.

  2. Full rest

  Uremia patients should ensure adequate rest and good nutrition, do not engage in activities beyond their reach.

  3. To avoid damage to the kidneys of chemicals

  To avoid containing cadmium, chloroform, ethylene glycol and tetrachlorethylene supplies and the environment. They are generally found in pesticides, automotive exhaust, coatings, building and household cleaners.

  4. Limit the amount of high-pick foods

  We know that the body every day to drink a certain amount of water in order to ensure health, urine is produced every day, and its quality is related to our health as part of. Many people because of custom or objective circumstances special, inconvenient to go to the bathroom immediately. But the fact that urine urination in our body has a final task, if it hinders the normal implementation of its mandate, the harm to the body is very serious, for example, we are well-known uremia.

  Urine is the product of renal metabolism, the kidneys to produce urine in the way the body of excess water regulation, excretion of metabolic metabolites generated by waste and toxic substances. Daily diet and body metabolism of the water produced in the body with the blood flow into the kidney. There are many kidney glomerular called the "filter". Glomerular filters specifically for moisture and metabolic waste. When the blood flow into the "filter", the excess water in the blood together with the body's metabolic waste filtered together to form urine. Urine through the ureter into the bladder to store up to a certain amount, it will produce a sense of urination, usually adults every 24 hours of urine produced is 1000 to 2000 ml.

  The above is about uremia care measures. In addition to doing some checks need to hold back a short time, the other should not be holding back any urine. Urine emissions, is a way of human metabolism, if the urine row does not come out, it will have great harm to the human body, for uremic disease, patients should be actively treated to ensure adequate rest, diet health, nutrition Balanced, fasting with a large amount of food, etc., the only way to make uremia as soon as possible rehabilitation.


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