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How to nurse the renal patients?

  1) Mental nursing.

  Chronic Renal failure is a disease with long course. Patients are prone to have unhealthy psychology such as depression, disappointment, inferiority, dependence. At the same time, they may worried about the surgery and the rejection after the surgery, causing the instability of their mood. At this time psychological care is very necessary . Let the patients know the condition of their body and analyze for them. Exhort their family chat with the patients as much as possible and help them get rid of the unhealthy psychology and the negative emotions in order to have a early recovery.

  2) Diet nursing.

  Patients with Uremia take in little protein, fat, and inorganic salts and just keep alive by sugar, coupled with their metabolism affected due to the long time use of hormone, protein broken down quickly but synthesized slowly, adipose broken down more, so they suffer the malnutrition. With the success of treatment, renal function gradually restored, patients should appropriately increase the protein intake, eat more animal protein and less vegetable protein. Daily protein intake can be at least about 40g or more to ensure the necessary intake of amino acids. Eat more foods containing vitamins and high heat foods to ensure the supply of the body heat. Preventing increased heat bringing by protein broken down cause creatinine increased and aggravate the burden of the kidney.

  3) Take the medicine on time. Patients should take the medicine following the doctors’ advice and can not stop without consulting your doctors. Review once a month in order to early detect the complications.

  4) Do some exercise.

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